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v. The opposite of nigger rigging. Taking a well working vehicle (car, SUV, motorcycle) and making it unable to perform to it's original specifications. The vehicle's new purpose is only to gain the attentions of every human within earshot. Vehicles which have been Afro Engineered can be characterized by their extraordinarily loud exhaust systems and/or stereo systems, have shiny over-sized wheels, and will be seen swerving. They are operated by individuals with little to no skill or insurance and the scent of alcohol and/or marijuana will be present.
1. Afro Engineer-ed Car: Putting 22" spinners, lambo doors, ultra dark tint windows, and an Alpine stereo in a Chrysler 300. Usually seen cruising 10-15 mph under the speed limit, smoke rolling out of the windows.

2. Afro Engineer-ed Motorcycle: A grossly extended swing arm, fat rear tyre, ground effects, and graffiti inspired paint job on a Suzuki Gixxer. Can no longer take turns property, but can go fast in a straight line, which matches the (lack of) skill level seen in the riders.

Extra points for a ho with a mini skirt, tank top, and 6" heels on the back.
by Jescati May 29, 2011
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n. A person who states a problem that they have with the express intention of letting everyone know how awesome they think they are, revealing their douche baggery to all.

v. Back Door Bragging: The act of expressing a false statement in order to set up the conversation to prove how (seemingly) fantastic the subject finds themselves.

effect: typically leads to eye rolls and general annoyance with subject.
Sarah: Lets go check out the new mall!

Lisa: Oh I hate clothes shopping anymore. Since I've been working out I can never find anything that fits because my waist is too tiny and my tits are too big. Life is so unfair!

Sarah: You're such a back door braggart, Lisa. Go fuck yourself.
by Jescati August 14, 2010
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