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A town in Passaic County (meaning North NJ) next to a ghetto town called Paterson. Paterson used to be nice, but then a lot of hispanics and negative-charged people moved in giving it and WEST Paterson a bad name. Paterson people think WP is lame or boring b/c its pretty safe and relativly friendly.

A lot of Paterson people move to W.Paterson when they get enough money to move into the apartments (that are ratehr going downhill) and enroll their kids in WP schools (or enroll when they are still in Paterson).

If you call West Paterson 'Paterson' a lot of people (especially older, lifelong residents) will get pissed and correct you since WP isn't a ghetto full of gangs, drugs but families, some of whom have been there for a long time.

My friend in town recently told me they voted to change the name to Woodland Park or soemthing with the initals WP to try and knock-off the confusion.

WP also has the same area-code as Little Falls (another next-door town) so along with Paterson, some people mistake WP for Little Falls, but that isn't nearly as bad since LF is also a nice little town with a cutesy little waterfall which stems its name.
My grandparents hate when people mistake West Paterson for Paterson.

PatersonKid: Ahhh man. Dis town is like...so got-damn lame!
WPkid: Don't you belong in Paterson??

West Paterson, NJ is a pretty nice place to grow up.
by JerseyGirlHereToStay December 24, 2008
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