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This is coming from a 17 yr old guy who listens to classic rock, old metal (iron maiden, judas priest, etc..) Hairt metal and a good bit of new stuff. just so yo'all get that basic info on me, here goes:

for the most part, emo kids are generally in bitchy moods, whenthey have spels of happiness they are usually not long lasting, very often will cut themselves, 99.99 percent of them are bi or straight up homo (I've never met an emo kid that was straight, and im friends with alot of them) They tend not to get over ANYthing in any short amount of time, enjoy over-dramaticizing things, and tend to enjoy shitty bands like The Used, My Chemical Romance and HAwthorne Heights, who can play three or four chords (maybe) on a guitar, and attempt ot play 6 or 7 continuous notes and call it a "solo."
Emo kids, in my experience aar, for the most part, pussies.

Emo kids tend to wear makeup, mostly mascara or eyeliner, wear tight shirts and girls jeans.
the kid with the flopped over jet black hair (just like the other 70 percent of the emo community) the scars on his wrist and the mascara.

"quit being such an emo kid!"
by Jeremy_G August 26, 2006
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