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A poor quality rail replacement vehicle.
I can't believe we have to use these shambangers because the line is closed and the trains are not running. They look like they are from the Victorian era.
by Jeremy Beautiful Chest January 22, 2021

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TAPS, an acronym for "The Abortive Project Specialists".

A crack team of Managers who start projects, produce stellar work, but somehow end up having their projects cancelled at around 60% completion through no fault of their own, usually as a result of policy, funding or senior decisions.
"Did you hear about Lytham - Northwich?"
"Yeah, we TAPS'd it."
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by Jeremy Beautiful Chest October 14, 2020

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Educational establishment in the city of Kingston-upon-Hull offering courses for those aged 14+. Comprising a 14-16 college, Further Education college and Higher Education centre for the Open University, the Hull campus is bustling with inactivity. The “Hull College Group” also somehow manage to ‘operate’ colleges in Goole and Harrogate.

Famously known for ‘losing’ £10m whilst the Chief Executive went on ‘gardening leave’ in 2017, the institution suffers from worsening money problems and dropping student numbers and satisfaction rates.

The HE centre is overshadowed by a real HE provider, the University of Hull, which results in course leaders having to play dirty, lying to prospective students, in order to ensure their application. This, however, should not be regarded as their fault and they are simply safeguarding their jobs and families for another year, as if a course doesn’t get enough students, it is simply terminated and any existing students are abandoned.

Are you unqualified, lazy, incapable, and generally just want a degree that says you have a degree? Hull College is the place for you.
“Where did you attend University?”
“Oh, in Hull.”
“It’s nice there, I looked at Hull University”
*cringes and hopes no further questions are asked*

“I studied at Hull School of Performing Arts”
“I’ve not heard of that one.”
“Yeah, it’s sadly part of Hull College.”
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by Jeremy Beautiful Chest March 24, 2018

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