1 definition by Jeremie Lederman

The worldwide parasites that infest many houses and buildings of congress and government around the world. These parasites are commonly found digesting the blood and vital fluids of their country's populations. They grow very fat and are very hard to dislodge or remove from their hosts. Quite often, the politick will drop larvae or leave droppings that remain in the buildings and continue to feed long after the host has perished.

Politicks can be managed by careful grooming and keeping the government buildings clean and regularly scrubed.
Every four years America is infested by a large incoming infestation of new politicks. They typically vitality from the economy and business hosts for over four years before being removed. On a rare occasion, one of these politicks might be removed ahead of it's life cycle. However, these politicks tend to leave behind other thriving larvae that remain to continue the feeding and spred unique illnesses amongst the general population.
by Jeremie Lederman January 26, 2008
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