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A place where this is nothing to do. Marion is the equivilant to sticking your pinky up(spongebob). The people try to act proper and stuck up.. when really they are. In the winter we run ourselfs off the road in out BMW's, Jag's, Mercides, Volvos, Lamborginis, Corvets, Cadiclats, Lexius's, and so on. In the summer, you walk anywhere since the town is 5x5 miles long. Also when townies are walking to the beach, torrists walk by or drive by and ask you how to get to the beach, we point our fingers and say right there, please, dont ask where the beach is because any direction you go you will find one.. never the less see one, sometimes when its too hot to walk you drive with the AC on to the beach,... and sit there... doing nothing. Or others like to sit at home and count their money, or count their money at the BYC (beverly yhat club), or sit on their pattio's on the top of their 3 storie water street, water front house and count their money and watch their maids and buttlers clean up and tend to their every need.
Marion:Rich look down on those who are less "privildged" in Marion.Don't give up on dullsvill.
by Jenna43644 April 03, 2006
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