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the funnest place on earth.
also, the best place for a southern california teenager to go for a saturday afternoon, to get hammered for cheap, if your under 21.
$1 coronas and shots of tequilla.
the drinking age is 18 there, 5 minutes south of the U.S.'s drinking age of 21. but they dont card anyways, you can go get drunk when your 10 and all they would care about is if your a paying customer!!

make sure on the way back in the line, you help support the local economy and buy some churros or a cheap tourist trinket item :)
friend 1: lets go get hammered!
friend 2: but were not 21 yet...
friend 1: then lets drive down to tijuana!
friend 2: okay, i want a bag of churros on the way back!
by Jenna lovess Mexico :) August 30, 2008

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