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Double dutch also means playing jump rope with two ropes and two people jumping simultaneously; this involves four people total: two jumping and two turning the ropes. During the very early years of hip-hop culture, double-dutch was an element of the culture, and young people, usually girls, would have double-dutch competitions at block parties. After hip-hop began moving towards the mainstream in the early 1980s, double-dutch fell out of favor as an element of hip-hop, although it remains popular with schoolchildren to this day.
Double Dutching was the ninth element of hip hop.

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by Jena4098 September 25, 2005

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Green Day
Blink 182
Dr. Dre
Some people will claim that using the term 'sellout' for a band they used to like is not being a 'true fan' as you're not listening to the band for the music. This is not true at all because if a band sells out they will change their music (for the worse).
by Jena4098 September 25, 2005

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The 9 Elements of Hip hop:

1.MCing (rapping)
7.The Style (fashion)
8.The Slang
9.Double Douching (Rope Skipping)

The origin of the term "hip hop" itself is unclear; but, over time, the term has taken on a life of its own. The movement that later became known as "hip hop" is said to have begun with the work of DJ Kool Herc, while competing DJ Afrika Bambaataa is often credited with having invented the term "hip hop" to describe the culture. A variety of mythical etymologies and complex meanings have been attached to the term and continue to propagate within the hip hop community. Kool DJ Herc (born Clive Campbell on April 16, 1955) is a Latin-Jamaican-American musician and producer, generally credited as a pioneer of hip hop during the 1970s. Afrika Bambaataa (born April 10 or October 4, 1960, though his birthdate is hotly debated; he himself refuses to comment on his age) is a DJ and community leader from the South Bronx, who in the late 1970s, was instrumental in the early development of hip hop.
The term has since come to be a synonym for hip hop music (or rap music) to mainstream audiences.

"Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live"- KRS One

Learn the 9 Elements of Hip hop.
by Jena4098 September 25, 2005

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