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A facial expression where you smile with your eyes;
giving someone happy eyes
look at that girl... she's totally smizing at me

i don't know why he hasn't come over yet, i've been smizing at him all night!
by Jena Bo Bena April 12, 2012

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When a group of girls are standing around and one of them starts talking about something that doesn't matter. Then another girl chimes in, and another, and another. And the more girls you add the louder and more painful the conversation gets.
"omg sarah, have you seen my highlights? they're like soo cool."

"omg totally, yeah."

"wow, those are cool."

"i had hair like that when i was a kid."

"omg you know what happened to me when i was a kid?"

"oh, oh, i have hair too!! look!"

"holy crap you guys we have to get out of here... listen to this cunt ruckus!!
by jena bo bena November 23, 2009

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shortened version of vagina, but favorably used to describe someone who is being a push over, or a cry baby about something.
shut up man, you're being such a vag

i can't believe he wouldn't just go for it-
yeah he's a total vag
by Jena Bo Bena April 12, 2012

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