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Ocean separating Asia and Australia from the Americas. It is said that Hawaii is here.
by Jeh October 5, 2003
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The indie kid refuses to listen to music that is mainstream apart from artists they see as good. Even if this artist is mainstream the indie kid will still believe nobody else appreciates their music properly.
The indie kid doesn't wear big label clothes (with the exception of All Star Converse, their excuse being 'They didn't used to be cool.') and thinks he is better than everybody else because he has good taste in music. He will also usually pride himself on his superior knowledge in things other than bands, such as films, webcomics etc. And even refuse to be friends with people who like music he doesn't like. When he tells people they have bad taste in music and they then reply 'That's you're opinion.' he will disagree, and he likes them to argue for the band in question, not palm him off with a 'That's just your opinion.'
The stereotypical indie kid (male) is shy and skinny with dark grown out hair (not to be mistaken for emo hair, which is cut and styled with it's bangs, indie hair is just pure laziness to get it cut) who wears large t-shirts with obscure band names printed on them and jeans.
The indie kid is usually a bit of a nerd, spending alot of time on the computer, in the library or playing his guitar. He will try and make people love the music he listens to and then (rightfully) accuse them of trend-hopping when this has happened.
Poor, Unsuspecting Pop Kid- Coldplay are my favourite band!
Pretentious Indie Kid- You like Coldplay. Coldplay are a crap band.
PUPK- No, they're not! That's just you're opinion!
PIK- I hate it when you just say it's my opinion. You should give me reasons as to why Coldplay are good. But they're not, they're crap. They're generic etc. (and he rambles on about Coldplay)
PUPK- Who do you like then?
PIK- Well, I like The Decemberists, Broken Social Scene, Stars are OK, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Beta Band, Dexter Freebish (and he rambles on about bands he likes)
PUPK- Who?!?
by Jeh August 7, 2005
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