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2001-2008 a patriot was someone who loved their country so blindly that they did not question any of their governments policies, or decisions to go to war. These patriots would call anyone who spoke out against our government people who hate america or blame america first

2009-Present (as long as a democrat holds the white house) a patriot is someone who loves their country so much that they feel it their duty to not only question, but malign the President and his party, frequently using racial and homophobic slurs to describe people on the left of the political spectrum.

"Patriot" has become synonymous with "hypocrite"
"Bush was the greatest president ever, he cared about our freedom, he was a patriot! Obama is taking away our freedom by giving us universal access to health care, he is not a patriot". "Shut up, wingnut, you're not a patriot"
by JeffyPants March 24, 2010

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by JeffyPants March 24, 2010

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