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The harbinger for consumption of alcohol in undergraduate colleges everywhere. The irony is that the original intention was to conceal the content of the cup, as the drinkers are all underage, versus a clear plastic cup that gives away the amber goodness intrinsic of most beers. There's been such widespread integration of the red plastic drinking cup that it's immediately obvious that a red cup signifies consumption of alcoholic beverages.
You: I'm using my red cup as my vessel for ol' Jack D. ... no one will have any idea that I'm drinking alcohol. I'm deceptive and clever.

Me: walks away, chortling in amusement.
by Jeffy Dahmer April 26, 2006

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1) Slip knot: A type of knot, the most common attach a line to an object, and tighten when tension is applied to the free end of the line. Also used for hanging the condemned in the middle ages.
2) Slipknot: A mediocre, nine-piece nu-metal band that has,thankfully, faded from the public spotlight. It's fairly common for pimply, angst-ridden, 'misunderstood' adolescents to be big fans.
Melodramatic teen: Like my face, my soul is (acne) scarred. I listen to slipknot to drown out the constant burden of everyday teenage life, and to find a common thread with my misery. No one understands the depth of my tortured soul. I'll give them a glance into my misery by hanging myself with a rope tied with a slipknot.
by jeffy dahmer March 06, 2007

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