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Is a term used to describe sad, subjacent, illiterate adolesents between the ages of 12-20, who live in australia.
They are characterised by polo/nautica shirts (with collar popped), caps (tilted upwards), jeans/tracks (lowrider, baggy style), asinine hair cuts and their "nigga" attitudes & "badass" personalities...hence, they are normally school dropouts...

Normally, they group together in mobs between 3-20, trying to act, talk and walk "hard" to impress their company.

Lads are usually found during daylight hours, in or near, Maccas, shopping complexes, fubu/kappa/nike retailers. Acting to immtimate normal shop patrons, with such phrases as "what brah" "shank ya" "f*ck c*unt".
They usually retreat back home at dusk, afriad of meeting someone darker in skin colour or more sizable then themselves.

A typical lad is sh*t scared if someone, does not seem "rattled" by their "scare tatics" (both verbally and physically) and responds in force. (the lad usually runs away)

Some Lads are said to be androgynous... but thats still debated
Lad: Wat'cha want brah, ill shank you
Person: Shut the f*ck up lad
Lad: (runs away)

Lebo: Look bro, theres some lads over there, lets go bash em'
Lads: (spots lebo group and "hauls ass"

Person: Look at those lads over there... so typical.. polo shirt

Lad at maccas: (stares down a bystander) Wat'ya lookin at brah?
Bystander: (Gets up, walks over) What you say?
Lad: Sorry sir...

Person 1: Those lads are always at cremorne maccas
Person 2: Yeah, man, they basically live here
Person 3: What sad f*cks
by Jeffery2114 December 28, 2007

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Lad beating is an act, that should be carried out by most. It is caused over the hatrid for lads for various reasons, some of these include;
- Stupid clothes (polo tops, tilted hats)
- Attitudes
- Harrasment
- Hair cuts
- Varing social perspectives
- Different socio-economic status
- If you feel like it

It usually involves the physical, and verbal torment of a group of lads, until they start a fight.
Of course there are many variations to start the 'lad beating', some of these include;

The 'Direct Method', which entails you to dircetly engage the lad without being provoked and/or attack without any warning.

The 'Subtle method' involves prolonged eye contact with them, until one decides to say something, in which you reply a witty comeback.
This too, ends in a physical fight. (This is usually the most effective method)

The 'Ninja method' You wear full black, with a balaclava. Then proceed to find lads. When you have found your target, you engage them verbally, if they run chase them, if they dont bash them.

The 'Leb Method' Show up with 20 of your friends, and start yelling profanities at the top of your lungs. At this point, they will run, thus, chase them down and beat the sh*t out of them.

The "Drive-by method"
There are two variations to this
1. Verbal method, includes taunting and/or yelling insults at the window of a moving car.
2. Throwing method, involves throwing objects out the window or at moving car full of lads.
Some of objects that could be thrown include, waterbombs and/or eggs.
Usually a combination of these two is most effective.

Identifying a lad
Clothing; Polo or Nautica polo shirts, with collar popped, Lowrider cut Tracksuits (usually nike/kappa/addidas), Baseball Cap (tilted upwards), Nike TNs or similar shoes.

Hair; Some random sh*t, usually home done, streaked with blonde (sometimes ratties)

Characteristics; Weedy build, commonly around the 6'~7'6" range, "badass" attitude, mob around in groups, Hang around a joint (eg maccas) during daylight hours, Verbal - yet wont back up anything physically.

How/where to Find a Lad
Normal lad hang outs; (Finding a lad to beat)
- Raves
- House parties
- McDonalds (perfect example is Cremorne maccas in sydney)
- Shopping complexes
- Train stations
- Car Parks
- CBDs
- walking major roads (daylight hours)
Jeffery: Damn im bored...
Mark: Wanna go lad beating?
Jeffery: Ill Bring the Bats


Leb 1: Oi Bro, lets go lad beating in ali's new van bro
Leb 2: OMG bro wiv the new subs?
Leb 1: Ye bro
Leb 2: OMG Bro, yeh ill go n beat some lads wiv ya

by Jeffery2114 January 04, 2008

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