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BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman. Which, as someone stated earlier, is an oxymoron.

For one thing, some fat woman are cute, just as well as some people with a normal body weight are cute. I'd say the ratio of fat good looking people to normal weights is about 1:7. Not many fat people look good, and once their clothes come off it I think they become more nauseating than cute. All people have their own personalities, being fat or skinny doesn't dictate your personality. They only compare themselves to the skinny people, when that is not the standard with beautiful women. There's a healthy median between fat and skinny, and that's normal. (no, I don't mean America's average. 5"4 - 110 lbs, etc.) Excluding the .05% of the population that enjoys cottage cheese or bones, people, especially men, like that average. It's not beautiful to be fat or twiggy.
Janet is a fat woman. Janet calls herself a BBW because she wants more self-esteem but is too lazy to lose the weight. Janet uses the exscuse that she has medical issues, but at the same time Janet criticizes skinny people even though the majority of them have medical issues too, just like fat people. Janet could lose the weight if she tried, but Janet finds it much easier to bask in her own ignorance.
by Jeff43 October 30, 2007
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