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An ugly person
Now what are you staring at? You ugly monkey!
by Jeff Dahmer June 21, 2004

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song off Van Halen's 1984 album
I really like Eddie's guitar solo in "Jump"
by Jeff Dahmer June 24, 2004

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Chicago speed metal band consisting of:

Corporate Death-
7-string guitar and lead vocals

6-string bass and backing vocals

Dennis the Menace-

Nearly every song is about serial killers. Notable ones include:
"Ed Gein"
"David Brom Took An Axe"
"Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory"
"Night Stalker"
"Dr. Holmes - He Stripped Their Bones"

Many great albums including Gloom, Sinister Slaughter, Behind the Walls of Sleep, Unabomber, Dahmer, Morbid Campfire Songs, and Murder Metal.
While I dismembered the man attempting to break into my home, I was listening to "Serial Killer" by Macabre. My favorite band.
by Jeff Dahmer June 21, 2004

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