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1. The epitome of a true ganster and a princess in one.

2. Is also the true spartan queen, forget all the bullshit you've heard, she was the real spartan queen. Very hot but yet deadly.

3. A goddess who possess unique traits that seperates her from the rest of the non-worthy women. Diem is brilliant, divine, possesses supernatural powers (i.e. ability to call upon any many she wishes, ability to make men lust after her, ability to get whatever she wants, ability of persuation, ability to bend time and space continuum, immunity to karma, immunity to bitches, and there are still many powers that have yet to be determined.), Diem also carries with her beauty and loveeee.
1. Diem is perfect.
2. Man I wish Diem was mine, she's the most perfect-est woman in the whole wide world (and world wide web).
3. I wish I was in Diem's league so I can holler.
4. Oh my god that bitch Diem has everything I am so fucking jealous (words coming out of the non-worthyness women)
by Jedi Master lvl 1000 May 21, 2007

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