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another way of sharing your care of love with a friend
We need to share some bootyism with Tayler and Jessica.
by Jessica December 17, 2003
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Cadillac-the best iEMSer eva ololo
Cadillac is cooler than your mom.
by JESSICA April 22, 2005
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the black thingys that are on your arm and penis.
The black thingys were hurting Nina while giving Jake a blowjob
by Jessica February 11, 2005
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Look in the mirror....that's a douchbag!
your a douchbag
by Jessica February 05, 2004
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using leather objects for sexual pleasure.
I need bondage to feel satisfyed
by jessica February 21, 2003
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A feminist can be a man or a woman and it is the opposite of misogynist. Feminism has nothing to do with hating men (which is ridiculous) or being a lesbian (which is fine). It is accepting yourself and being strong in a male dominated society, supporting equal rights, pro choice, overall being proud to be a woman or supporting women who believe this.
I'm tired of all these deodorized tampons created by male dominated corporations. I don't my cunt to smell like flowers, I want my cunt to smell like fish!

-The Vagina Monologues
by jessica July 04, 2003
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