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The source of all that is evil. In cahoots with Randall Flagg and to a lesser extent Fiona's Dad and Pierce Brosnan. Has been around since the beggining of time and fought in both world wars and the zulu wars of africa.
Father to Jeff Bolton, of which he is deeply embaressed. Is one of the founding members of the 'Legion of Evil': along with :
Randall Flagg
Fiona's Dad
Pierce Brosnan.
Has been known to be eccentric in his britishness and is also been known to shout "Huzzah". Constantly in battle with Pete Doherty of the 'League of Good'.
Michael Bolton demands total world domination, complete obedience and a cup of tea and a barley sandwich. And one for Fiona's Dad. Cut into Triangles. With Mustard.
by Jay, John and Chris March 13, 2006
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