1 definition by Jay Dotta

Social anxiety is the fear of being rejected, or made fun of by peers or by those who dont know you. Only those who have personally experienced its horrors can truly atest to the stupifying affect that it has on the person. It makes the person feel like they are at the center of attention in any social situation, thereby making them feel like they must perform under everyday situations. What those of us with S.A.D fail to realize is that most of our horrors come from our overexageration and our faulty ideas that usually are real. Most situations we stress over either dont exist, wont happen, could happend and if it did happen would be as bad as we think it would be. To everyone suffering from this condition i would say keep in mind that most of those negative thoughts we feel about ourselves arent true.
Jordan: Everytime Jill goes to the club she is always worried, and concerned about what the people around her might be saying about the way she, walks, talks and dresses, but in reality she looks fine.

Rob: hey man she is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.
by Jay Dotta January 2, 2010
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