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A sweetheart with a hard outer shell.

He might act like he's not a softy, but when he's alone with his girl, all of it shows. He's not afraid to show his friends how much he loves the one he's with.

He has a big heart, takes his time falling in love, but when he does fall in love, it's the most real thing ever witnessed.

He does his up-most best to please his girl, and always wants her to be happy.

Easy to fall in love with, easy to get along with.
Casey. . .I thank God for you everyday.
by Jaxy.(: April 10, 2011

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The most amazing boyfriend any girl could ever ask for.
All he wants is to make you happy, make you smile. Casey is a completely honest boy, and he wouldn't lie about anything in a relationship. He makes you feel like you are flying, make you feel like you are the most amazing thing on this Earth. His kisses are sweet, and his hugs are the best. They make your day so much better. Has an amazing body, a beautiful face, and a huge heart, even though he doesn't think so. He isn't afraid to show off his girlfriend in front of all of his friends.
He doesn't brag, and he likes strawberry cake. He's kind, loves to have fun, and is crazy sometimes. One touch from him makes your heart soar. He's tall, blonde-headed, and has the softest lips.
Anybody who knows him, should consider themselves lucky.

If you fall in love with him, which is so easy because he is so amazing, he has you hooked. He's cautious at falling in love, but if he falls in love with you, it'll be the most purest and wonderful love anybody could ever feel.
Casey Roberts. . I've fallen for you. Hard.<3.
by Jaxy.(: April 10, 2011

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