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THC refers to Tetrahydrocannabinols, which is the active chemical in cannabis, or marijuana, responsible for making its users high. Its chemical formula is C21-H30-O2.

THC is both fat and water soluble, meaning that it cannot be broken down by either. This is why the consumption of raw cannabis does not result in a high. However, through the use of alcohol or heat, THC can be drawn out of cannabis. Common examples of this include smoking cannabis, cooking cannabis in butter and using it in recipes such as brownies, or soaking cannabis in alcohol. Generally, the effects and length of being high are heightened when the THC in cannabis is consumed versus smoked.

The percentage of THC in cannabis varies greatly depending on quality, ranging anywhere from 1% - 8% for low grade cannabis, 8% - 16% for mid grade, and 17% - 24% for high grade. A higher level of THC is directly proportional to how high a user will feel.
I'm so stoned, dude... there must be a lot of THC in these headies.
by JasonZ July 09, 2005
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