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Pleasant town in east Alabama where I went to grad school. Home to many vociferous and persistent squirrels who would loudly bitch from the tree branches just outside my window every morning until I gave them peanut M&Ms. Also home to a possum who would go through my garbage can outside regularly – strewing garbage all about for me to pick up. On the Fall Line (separating the hills from the coastal plains): half an hour north and you are in the hills; half an hour south and you are in swamps complete with cypress trees, Spanish moss, alligators and thousands of lily pads. The town is centered largely around Auburn University. The University tries to copy the University of Georgia and the University of Florida though denies it vehemently; and has an unbridled contempt and disdain for the University of Alabama, which it regards as an intellectual backwater out near Mississippi. There are an inordinate number of students who (like me) are from Buckhead, Vinings, East Cobb, Roswell and Dunwoody. The town, too, has quite a high opinion of itself – viewing itself as more sophisticated and "white collar" than the nearby “blue collar” towns of Columbus, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama.
I'm going to Auburn for the baseball game.
by Jason1324 December 04, 2009

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