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Emo is short for emotional which means different feelings. Chris Carrabba writes about how he feel's. Alot of you are shooting off about how he writes about his life problems. Well isn't that what most all bands that write there own music do. Like ok Chris Carrabba writes about his ex girlfriends and stuff like that. And rock and metal bands write about there drug problems and there even there ex girlfriends and wifes and there sex and stuff. So what's really the difference..the way they play there instruments? Dashboard choose's to have a softer tone of music, if they wanted they could go a head and make there music heavey with electric guitar and alot of destortion..but they don't that's what makes them different they don't care if some people don't like how they do there music they play it how they feel it should be played.

Dashboards lyrics mean something. Alot of people can even relate to what Chris Carrabba is trying to say.

If you don't like them leave it at that, don't go shooting off about how there so emo and slit there wrist and shit. Everyone has there own say.
Dashboard Confessional relates to alot of teenagers in this generation.
by Jason Normore April 20, 2006
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