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1. When someone does something very uncool or offpissing.
2. When someone is cramping your style or space
In Michigan, the department of transportation advises: "Don't Crowd the Plow." Crowding the Plow is NOT cool.
1. "I've got a gun, nobody move!"
"Hey man, settle down, don't crowd the plow!"
2. "Steve tried to invite himself to Family Game night, he's so awkward!"
"Oh that Steve, that bastard's always crowding the plow"
by Jason Lester January 12, 2009
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An advanced bathroom maneuver in which one vomits between one's legs while simultaneously defecating seated upon a toilet (aka Tuck-n-Chuck). Chiefly used in public restrooms as an emergency party management technique.
I didn't know if I was going to hurl or shart, but somehow I managed to California Kayak my way out of there with my dignity intact!
by Jason Lester August 30, 2011
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