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A never-seen character in John Hughes' <i>Ferris Bueller's Day Off</i>, not known for keeping appointments. Mr. Froman has a noon reservation for a party of three at Chicago's Chez Quis restaurant, which Ferris and friends steal. The snooty (snotty) maitre'd disbelieves that young Ferris is the erstwhile Sausage King of Chicago, but is successfully deceived through a clever telephone ploy.

One would expect that eventually, Mr. Froman and his two guests would arrive and cause a stir over their usurped table. But he never does, and our teenaged heroes' hijinks continue...
"You're Abe Froman?"
"That's right. I'm Abe Froman."
"The Sausage King of Chicago?"
"Yeah. That's me."
by Jason Lindquist February 17, 2005
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