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v. See jerry rig, also mcguyver.

Attempting to perform a McGuyver-esq procedure and making a repair or modification with available resources, usually in the ghetto.

Making something out of the incorrect
or non-intended parts and/or materials.

Final product resulting in a shoddy, half assed solution that inevitably breaks after inital use.
Using some chewing gum and my switch blade, I was able to nigrig a leaking radiator hose on my caddy and bring the ho's back to my place.

My muffler was dragging so I nigrigged it with some some pantyhose I ganked from some tool who was trying to rob a 7-11 with a paintball gun.

Why you got to nigrig that shit all the time? (When you see your boy trying to patch the rip in his pants with some scotch tape.)
by Jarlen January 26, 2004

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A riced up vehicle driven by a person of Latino/Mexican ethnicity. Usually includes, but is not limited to chrome fender and door trim, purple peeling self installed tint, primered body panels, rattling/torn speakers, 6" exhaust pipe bolt on tip, car marque stickers covering most of the windshield...

See also rice.
"Check out that rice over there!" "No, no did you see the driver, that's arroz!"
by Jarlen January 26, 2004

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Ethnic definition: (If of latino/mexican heritage) See also arroz
"That civic is arroz...primo meng!"

"That's fast and furious style meng!" "No esse, that's arroz!"
by Jarlen January 26, 2004

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