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The most awesome person in the world along with Kayla. Jaquelynne is an extremely long name. People with the name of Jaquelynne are usually super duper smart and gorgeous. Sometimes they are even red heads and have the nickname of Ginger, Red, or a combination of the two...Ringer. Overall, anyone with the name of jaquelynne is pretty darn cool, unique, fun, and pretty. They often have guys chasing them, but the guys are rarely white. If you are one of thy chosen to represent, stand tall,with yo swag.. and enjoy thy name! whoop whoop!
whoahh! look! There is a swarm of mexicans.. i wonder what or who they are chasing! Oh, it's a Jaquelynne.. that makes total sense. :)
by Jaquelynne July 02, 2011

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