1 definition by Jane D. Clementine

A female who possesses the same qualities that a male desires when choosing other male friends (see also; Bromance) but remains extremely feminine and attractive despite her dude-like awesomeness.

A woman who is desired by many men for her style and charm but also because she can drink them under the table if need be and curses like a tenured trucker.

Signs that you may have a Clementine on your hands:
1. When making plans for a date night, she suggests getting drunk and playing video games.

2. She wants to have sexual intercourse on a daily basis (after the one month mark of your courtship has passed)

3. She has a fondness for comic books while still being able to give you an erection.
"Hey John, is it true that the hot chick you are dating is really a Clementine?" "Yeah man, she gave me road head on the way to the comic book convention yesterday and this morning she let me fuck her in her ass!
by Jane D. Clementine January 17, 2011
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