2 definitions by James1234

A person who contantly provides their opinions on dieting, exercise, and weight loss in an arrogant and pushy manner. They constantly criticize and suppress' others opinions, no matter how factual they may be.
"That stupid Health Nazi lectured me for an hour on why the Atkins diet doesn't work after I told her I've been on it"
by James1234 August 22, 2005
Your not a real Zachary if you dont have blue eyes. Usually very athletic with many talents. Pretty much the shit at everything, including sports, singing, dancing, and FIGHTING. Usually has very quick hands with semi power. Especially good at sex, a good kisser with a decent sized penis . doesnt give a shit about what someone thinks and is the life of the party .
I wanna be just like zachary david when i grow up, hes the shit
by James1234 June 13, 2012