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It's hard to describe. I guess it can be best related as a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling throughout your body, slowly coursing from head to toe. you can feel.. seriously.. everything in your body just like.. buzzing with intense warm heat. and you feel so relaxed. you feel like a big wet noodle. well, a semi-wet noodle. one that hasn't been.. well... fully wettnened.. fuck if I know.. but yeah. there ya go.
Damn son. I'm so fuckin high right now. I am no longer physically able to move any of my limbs. dude pass the bong.
by James-Albert Kellock December 31, 2004

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"Drucked" - Noun - from the stoned (Ja) "m" (es) - Drunk/Fucked-Drugged. 1) When Nyquill has been administered in slightly excess amounts, and the subject as been smoking large amounts of marijuana, especially dank, you get "drucked up".
"Shit! I'm Drucked as hell!"
by James-Albert Kellock December 30, 2004

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