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Someone who shouldn't be on this site.
Dad: Hey kiddo, whatcha doing?
Kiddo: Reading urban dictionary definitions. Hey, have you and mommy ever done a bukkake?
by JakeRyan277 February 26, 2015

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A term usually used after a good comeback has been made.
Lisndey: *whispers* I heard Becky fucked Isacc and got AIDS.
Surrounding basic bitches: oooooo
Becky: Bitch, you still talk loud as fuck when you whisper. Yo drunk ass snapchated me a photo of you suckin Samuel's dick.
Lisnday: that... That's not-
Becky: Bitch stand down.
by JakeRyan277 May 13, 2015

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Worst pile of shit to ever run America. Well, he didn't fuck up everything, he did dodge that shoe.
Thank fucking Christ George W. Bush is out of office.
by JakeRyan277 February 26, 2015

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