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A "venue change" is the moving of the date from one location to a distinctly different location. If you are on a coffee date with a girl and decide to take her with you on a walk through the park, this is a venue change. The pick-up community believes that a venue change can create the feeling of having gone on multiple dates even though the venues visited are on one continuous date.
Jack: Sally says she won't kiss anybody until the third date.
John: That's funny, because I kissed her at the end of our first date.
Jack: How?!
John: I took her to three different places --a coffee shop, the pet shop, and to a restaurant --all in one date. The date was one huge venue change.
by Jak DiGriz December 09, 2010

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A girl who seems relatively stable but actually has serious issues. Some issues include: bouts of low self-esteem, inability to communicate effectively, and having serious social issues. Freakshows often have one minor, yet incredibly significant glitch that keeps them from being great friends or girlfriends.
Sarah was smart and cute, but she flaked on her friends a lot. She sent mixed signals, and was just difficult to socially vibe with. Some days she'd be fun and happy, other days she'd be demure and sad. A real freakshow.
by Jak DiGriz October 31, 2009

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