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Hyped up sports star used to sell shoes to the duped masses.

Statistically a great player, won 6 rings (albeit it was in the weak 90's where expansion teams watered down the talent, where was Jordan's rings when Magic, Bird and the Pistons ruled the NBA in the 80's? Nowhere.) He always failed without Pippen, the Bulls were 182-228 in season when Pippen didn't play but Jordan did.

The year after Jordan left the Bulls, they won 2 less games. 2 LESS GAMES! That is how valuable Jordan was, Pippen was the clog that won games, Jordan was just there to sell jerseys and get on sports center.

God in a Pair of Nikes? That's what ESPN has brainwashed you kids?
Bill Russell: 11 rings
Michael Jordan: 6 rings

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 6 MVPs
Michael Jordan : 5 MVPs

Jordan had 5 losing seasons in 5 years without Pippen, and was 1-9 all-time in the playoffs with 2 sweeps and 0 first round exits. The GOAT? Not even CLOSE!
by Jajad May 16, 2008

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