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Falling into the second socket.The socket of death.There are two sockets you can go into,the dream socket,where you usually go into,or into an alpha jerk where you slip into it and die.
Jimi Hendrix is theorized to have slipped into an alpha jerk,resulting in his death.Alpha jerks can happen when your high.

"hey man,i wonder if i can die,you know?Let me slip into an alpha jerk."

"Dude,i heard about that alpha jerk thing,lets get high!"

"I heard Benny alpha-jerked last night.People said it was an OD but man Benny always said he wanted to go from an alpha jerk."
by Jaja Binx January 29, 2009

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A bo-beatnik is someone who is a combo of a bohemian and a beatnik.It is not an oxymoron because both bohemians and beatniks are considered very eccentric and creative people.A bo-beatnik is usually someone with a really intense view of the world,hence combining a laid back bohemian and an artsy beatnik.Hybrids of the 50's-60's generations.
Jim Morrison is a total bo-beatnik.He's poetic and creative AND totally philosophical.Intense.

"Hey man look at this beret i made.I'm totally beatnik."

"Nah Lizzie,your'e totally not getting the concept man.Your'e a bo-beatnik.Its deeply crucial that you dig that."

"Mike's a total bo-beatnik.He likes that coffee and that cripee."

"Hey daddio!Check out this hip pot i conjured up in ceramics!"

"Tim your'e such a kool kat.Man you reek of wine and marlboro but man your poetry is jazzy."

"Yeahh thanks mann,snappy."
by Jaja Binx January 29, 2009

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