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A bo-beatnik is someone who is a combo of a bohemian and a beatnik.It is not an oxymoron because both bohemians and beatniks are considered very eccentric and creative people.A bo-beatnik is usually someone with a really intense view of the world,hence combining a laid back bohemian and an artsy beatnik.Hybrids of the 50's-60's generations.
Jim Morrison is a total bo-beatnik.He's poetic and creative AND totally philosophical.Intense.

"Hey man look at this beret i made.I'm totally beatnik."

"Nah Lizzie,your'e totally not getting the concept man.Your'e a bo-beatnik.Its deeply crucial that you dig that."

"Mike's a total bo-beatnik.He likes that coffee and that cripee."

"Hey daddio!Check out this hip pot i conjured up in ceramics!"

"Tim your'e such a kool kat.Man you reek of wine and marlboro but man your poetry is jazzy."

"Yeahh thanks mann,snappy."
by Jaja Binx January 29, 2009
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