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School is a the most hated building ever for kids!! You must attend it almost EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY until you are age 18. It is filled with kids your age and old grumpy ugly adults who call themselves "teachers". A teacher's job is too bore you for 6 hours and then send you home and too bore yourself at home with homework.
You:Summer vacation is da bomb!!!
Yo mama:School starts monday sweetie
You choke and die
by jahzara October 20, 2005

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Synonymous with "Frontin", flodgin is used somewhat as an accusation to someone who is lying or exaggerating.
From Next Friday

Dae-Dae: Mane you see those 20's on my ride?
Ice Cube (Craig): Stop flodgin, you know those are 10's.
by Jahzara July 16, 2003

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Someone who is just off in the head, acting as if they just dont have any sense whatsoever.
"Mane, that was just green" or "You are so green"
by Jahzara July 16, 2003

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