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A short man with too much to say, not necessarily what people will listen to either. He likes to cut people off when he doesn't agree, but at the same time he's so dominant that the ladies don't seem to care. If you happen upon an Isaac Harris in his natural environment, you will find someone who likes to give hugs, although sometimes awkward; who likes to fill your ears with intellectual ideas, although not always intellectually proved; and who will always tell you the latest conspiracy theories from sketchy media.
Hey, my name is Isaac Harris. The other day I happened upon an article talking about how corrupt the government is! I think they're harboring alien technology in Area 51, 56, and 57. I have an article here that proves Area 57 exists.

Wait, what's your name again?

That doesn't matter, right now we're in danger from our own GOVERNMENT!!!!!
by Jahoo January 05, 2013
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