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Viva La France. Essentially, the French acting like French, but the only difference is that instead of raising the white flag like usual, they attempted to endorse something worth endorsing (liberty, equality). This failed horribly as they stormed the weapon-less Bastille and ended up slaughtering a (relatively) huge percentage of their population via the glorious guillotine. If any message came out of this beautiful revolution, it would be "prayer i'm not French," or "don't let another Robespierre kill the rich people supporting the economy."
Mike: "I'm glad the American government claims so much power."

Tom: "Why?"

Mike: "So no goddamn poor bastards like the sans-culottes can revolt and start a civil war disguished as a revolution (like in the freaking French Revolution).
by JacquesIII July 16, 2010

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