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A very huge kid with small hands, he's full of rage and hates anyone that's of another race, even though he is of mixed races. He pretends to do P-90X and instead hops himself up on steroids. He usually takes twenty minute poops and doesn't really understand why he should wipe thoroughly. He doesn't believe in a God, but does believe in a God when he's in a sticky situation. He's been known to rape kittens and cuddle with them afterwards. One time in the mid-west, he mated with horses to try and create Minotaurs. He's the best friend you deny when others ask if you know him.
Man: "Hey, did you see that freak over there? He's such a Brett Wilshire."
Man 2: "Let's kick his ass!"
by Jackson Pallock February 18, 2011
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The act of destroying someone's shoe while urinating or pooping inside of it. Usually works best when you've done a liquid diet and all your stools are liquid-like. After "Sabotaging" the shoe, tell the person who owns the shoe to hurry up and come outside because there is something very interesting outside. But remember to give them reason to put their shoe on such as there is broken glass outside. When they place their foot inside, they'll feel either a warm sensation or a cold one, depending how long it took you to sabotage their shoe. Afterwards, run around screaming like you are a hype man on a concert stage. Usually, the best words to scream are, "Oh Shit! Literally!" and "Damn! Yo' foot smells like my ass!".
Donna was fed up with her new boyfriend, so she Sneaker Sabotage'd him.
by Jackson Pallock February 18, 2011
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