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To slide an item of your body into dangerous situations without injuring yourself. Can be done alone or in groups.
Prenounced "Coge-plod-ing".

For Example:

Leigh: "Did you hear about Jack's recent CodgePlodding mishap?"

Joe: "No what happened?"

Leigh: "He was sliding his foot in and out of the dogs mouth when it bit down and severed his Leg!"

Example 2: "Let's go Codgeplodding" or "I'm going to Codgeplod your Mum."
by Jack and Leigh September 20, 2009

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This is the only word in a Dictionary, created to rhyme with the word 'Orange'.
Jack: "I need something to rhyme with the word 'Orange'."

Leigh: "'Spodunge'"

Jack: "What does that mean?"

Leigh "It doesn't have a meaning, it's sole purpose was to rhyme with the word 'Orange'."
by Jack and Leigh January 24, 2010

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