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Latin - bucatat yukfa

1. n. - A harry ape-like person

2. v. konging, konged - Performing or having performed a one night stand.

3. n. - Another name for a penis (usually very large)

4. n. - An extremely rare, almost non-existent fruit. Harry, bumpy skin, and also very bitter, and smelly. Usually found growing on tropical islands. A good source of natural steroids.
1.> person - "That dude is the king of kongs!"

2.> (A) lady - "That asshole is konging every woman he can."
(B) lady - "Damn girl! You got konged!"

3.> lady - "He had a kong! It was amazing!"

4.> The stranded and starving man hesitantly proceeded to eat the kong.
by Jack Tofft March 24, 2009
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1. n. A common name, also a nickname for a person with the name Robert.

2. adj. Used to discreetly tell a friend of a nearby exposed butt crack

3. n. Stereotypical name for a construction worker.

4. v. A sexual action where the top person bounces up and down on the bottom person.

5. v. The act of feltching.

6. n. The last bead on a string of anal beads

7. v. bobbing - To use nothing but your mouth to retrieve something out of the water.
1. "How have you been Bob?"

person 1 - "I think I see Bob!"
person 2 - "EWWWW! Bob is hairy!"

3. Bob The Builder

4/5. person - "Man! He/she sure knows how to bob."

6. person - "Oops! I let the bob go in!"

7. Game - bobbing for apples
by Jack Tofft March 23, 2009
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1. n. - a bad tasting tomato/clam juice mixture, mostly mixed with beer or used to make a bloody mary.

2. n. - another name for a vagina when a female is "On The Rag".
1.> The man asked the bartender for a clamato and beer.

2.> Guy 1 - Hey! Did you hook up with that chick you met last night?
Guy 2 - No man! She had a clamato!
by Jack Tofft March 31, 2009
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