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1.) A term used to express anything you like: Invented by Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame.
2.) One half of the popular alias held by famoust explorer Adam Haxell: Because of his immmense fame, Adam had to create an alter-ego in order to avoid detection from the world's media. The name he arrived at... Fransisco Slappywag
1.) "More beer please, you slappwag."
2.) "Excuse me can I get a room? The name? Fransisco Slappywag."
by Jack Caulfield December 25, 2004
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The art of scoodin one's rear end. Popularised by the pop group Steps in their monster hit "5, 6, 7, 8" it is a dance move found in line dancing. It involves sliding from left to right in a provocative manner whille shaking your rump.
"My bootscoodin' baby's driving me crazy!"
by Jack Caulfield December 23, 2004
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