1 definition by Jack Foley

AKA: Day Boning, Big DB, DDB'ing, D-Bo

Dosing off in the middle of a long and studious atmosphere (School, Study Session, Work, Driving, etc.) where the only thing you can think of is having uncontrollable sex with any and all you can imagine.

The act of DayDreamBanging takes place within ones mind, where the atmosphere is created internally. The DDB usually consists of a familiar or abstract location, including but not limited to: desks, airports, tables, schools, cars, planes, etc. It can be any fantasy of any kind unrestricted by any shapes or forms. The people present within the DDB can be anyone present within ones mind.
Sorry man, I was busy Day Dream Banging the shit out of Lyndsi today. Didn't hear a word the teacher said. She actually walked in and I ended banging both the teacher and Lyndsi. They snowballed. It was wild
by Jack Foley January 26, 2011
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