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A pejorative nickname for Auburn University, particularly its sports program. Used because of Auburn's notable on-campus agricultural development programs and because the the word "Barn"s both sounds and is but one letter away from the word "Burn"
"So, what's the deal with recruiting?"

"Oh, The Barn just got bagged their first guy."

"Come on, really? He must like planting."
by JT Jag August 06, 2007
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A land grant university located in city of Auburn, Alabama.

Auburn is located in Lee County and can be found on the eastern side of the state, roughly 100 miles southeast of Birmingham.

Academically, Auburn is well-known for its agriculture and architectural programs.

The university is also noted for its sports team, the Auburn Tigers. Auburn's athletics program run the gauntlet from men's football, the most well-identified with the university, to equestrian sport.
"I'm looking at a few local universities... which one should I go to?"

"Auburn University is a good pick. You are planning on going into building design, after all."
by JT Jag July 29, 2007
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An acronym popularized by Tom Clancy and particularly his character John Clark, it stands for "rear echelon motherfucker". A top officer in the military or a civilian with great influence over the service, it is a person who calls the shots from an armchair with little care about the kids whom their decisions will be effecting or the parents who will be getting bodybags for Christmas.
"Those REMFs don't care about us line-animals. We can only trust ourselves."
by JT Jag October 01, 2007
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