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During sexual intercourse, usually when the male and female are engaged in the missionary position, the male wraps his arms around the upper body of the female and proceeds to thrust his genitalia awkwardly. The female usually suffers from a momentary loss of oxygen during the hug fuck. When a hug fuck is performed, it almost always confirms the fact that the male has no idea what they are doing and cannot fuck worth dog shit.
Did you see that dude C-Styles hug fuck some slut named Betty in that porno vid? What a faggot. I've seen walruses that can fuck better than him.
by Jraynes August 12, 2011
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When you are drunk and start to slur your words so badly you create new ones, you have pulled a dawkins. Like "imagistration". A prime example of this was Daryl Dawkins judging the 2008 dunk contest in which he was clearly drunk or losing his mind in his old age.
"yo i was mad drunk last night i dont even know what i was sayin. I was straight Dawkins."
by JRaynes February 18, 2008
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