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Upon first glance, one might assume that this phrase is the start of a description of some horrible event. For instance, "It's a good thing they got rid of that backwards fucking law that black people had to sit on the back of the bus." But no no, you would be wrong. Backwards fucking is a mythological sex position in which man and woman, both on their hands and knees, fuck backwards by having the man tuck his penis backwards betwixt his ass cheeks. Naturally, this is impossible. Even Peter North would be impressed as a motherfucker. If your friends ever go on a trip and come back with stories of their wild nights backwards fucking models, you should be inclined to look impressed and nod just to hear how much bullshit they spew, but know that it is nonetheless bullshit.
"Hey guys, I was having sex with two hot girls from New York, but they were soooo freaky. They wanted me to face away from them and backwards fuck them both. So I was backwards fucking them both, and they loved it. I am a sex God."

No, Josh Riese (Example name), no you are not.
by JRDidntdothat February 02, 2010
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