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g-unot. now a worldwide term critisizing the most ungangster-ish, unreal, fake group of wak rappers. famous for their target of appealing to, by forms of singing and dancing, to 13 year old white girls. why g-unot will not be legends or immortalized by the hip hop public, simply because they make hits, they have yet to make a classic. and because people like 50. they dont love him like they love 2pac, jigga nas or any other revolutionary artists.
And they are also critisized by the hip hop public for trying to start another east coast-west coast beef war again, or raps world war 2. however what GGGG-UNOT fails to realize is that new york is even shouting the now infamous term. we are witnessing the fall of the g-unit empire. they made the mistake of embarking on a beef journey they lost after their run-in with game, fucking with nas, fat joe, jadakiss, jigga, and kanye west only made it worse. say it with me, GGGGG-UNOT!!!!!!!!!
50 cent thrashed ja rule for goin pop and singing, hoever if you listen to track 7 of his wak movie soundtrack or any of his latest songs, you can find fif singin like a blu bird. also, did any one forget when g-unot first came out, lloyd banks was accused of being in a gay sex porno? it was confirmed to be him, but then they paid a fag to take the blame. olivias a man, yayo got fucked in prison, banks is gay, olivias a man, mobb sleep has been countlessly murdered by such artists as 2pac, and jigga, let mobb SLEEP rest in peace, they all washed up. and last but not least, fif is a bitch ass rat, even the well respected SCAREFACE is confirming the rat-accusation of fittys credibility. on more time, GGGG-UNOT!
by JOE-D January 23, 2006
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