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Hyphy, Pronounced Hi-Fee is a term originated in Oakland, California by Keak Da Sneak in 1999. Mac Dre was release from jail in 2002, and helped evolve the term into a movement. It mainly described the scene in Oakland where sideshows and turf dancing often takes place. Its orginal meaning was hyper, bold, and violently responsive! Thizz is the drug aspect of it. As it began to go national, it turned into a gimmick by E-40 and has been introduced as the cousin of Crunk as a marketing scheme, when in reality it is nothing like Crunk and it isn't a response to it. E-40 just works with Lil Jon and decided to market that idea. And no it did not start in Vallejo, Vallejo isn't a hyphy city, Oakland is. This directly reflects the Oakland culture of Sideshows, losing yourself, popping extacy, and fighting.
Town Biz! Oakland started the hyphy movement, and believe that it's nothing like Crunk. And E-40 shouldn't rep it. We have better rappers.
by JJWilkins May 27, 2006

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