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A crappy radio station based in Madison Wisconsin that plays the same 3 CD's over and over for weeks at a time mixed with non-stop playback of Metallica and Ozzy.

Also home of the complete idiot Johnny Danger who's so liberally brainwashed you could have told him Bush was democratic and he'd be on his dick faster than a fat bitch who sat down too fast.

People that typically listen to this station are either

A) Old men who can't grow out of Metallica and Godsmack
B) Teenagers who are fed up with Top40 stations
C) Retarded

Since 2005 the music has been turning into a larger and larger pile of shit.

Also they host a music festival every year which has ALSO gone to complete shit.

Piece of advice.. if you're from Wisconsin, either listen to 102.1, or turn off the radio.

Point is, WJJO Madison's Solid Rock is no longer Madison's Solid Rock.
*turns on radio* (WJJO)


*turns off radio*
by JELLLYWAX July 09, 2011

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