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The perfect girl. Has wonderful stories, makes you laugh any chance she can, and is absolutely gorgeous. Sky is the perfect girl because she cares about you and how you feel. She is shy, yet social at the same time. She is beautiful, and it seems as though she is the only ray of light in this world of darkness. She is perfect.
Guy one: Hey is that Sky?
Guy two: Yeah isn't she just perfect?
Guy one: Absolutely.

(This post goes out to my everything. Sky I love you with all my heart.)
by JDG-Condor April 23, 2019

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Look at other definitions. They basically sum it up. I am a JD, and I am shy until you get to know me. I care about others over me and I want to make others happy.
Kid one: Is that J.D.?
Kid two: Yeah he is so nice to everyone.
by JDG-Condor April 23, 2019

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